Here at Reel Reflections Photography and Online Sales, we focus on framing styles from standard to luxurious in the following sizes: 4x6, 5x5, 5x7, 6x8, 8x10, 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 9x12, 11x14, 11x17, 12x12, 12x16, 12x18, 13x19, 16x20:

Products for Frames are based on customer requests with photography services in the Special Events Packages (Wedding, Family Portraits, Graduations, Birthday’s) or custom printing category.

The following frame categories are available:

Tabletop Frames

Poster Frames

Wall Frames

Frame Collections

Shadow Boxes & Display Cases

Multiple Opening and Collage Frames

Wood Panels:

This wood photo pressed panel accentuates the brilliant colors and clarity in your photo with a protective glossy finish.

  • Black woodgrain finish
  • Available in 5x7 and 8x10 sizes
  • 1/2” thick wooden plaque
  • Features keyhole hangers on back for wall display
  • A 5/8” peg backing provides sturdy tabletop presentation

5x7 one for 30.00

8x10 one for 42.00

11x14 one for 73.00

12x12 one for 75.00

16x20 one for 115.00

20x30 one for 210.00


Here at Reel Reflections Photography and Online Sales, we focus on Customized Bookmark Designs from standard to luxurious in the following sizes: 2x3.5, 2x6, 2x7, 2x7.5, 2x9, & 2.5x7

Personalized Bookmarks: A Clever Promotional Item

Connect with book-lovers with custom bookmark printing. Custom bookmarks are perfect for branding, event promotion, and religious marketing.

They are not only practical items that your customers can actually use, but also perfect places to keep your brand at their fingertips. Whether you are ordering them for your company, school, church, college group, or nonprofit organization, a bookmark is an ideal marketing tool.

Showcase your brand with custom bookmarks. Printed on sturdy card stock and finished with matte, gloss, or high-gloss UV (un-coated also available), our bookmarks will lend a sense of style and sophistication to your promotions.

How to Make a Bookmark Improve Your Marketing

Custom bookmarks provide a perfect balance between branding opportunities for you and practical uses for your recipients. Here are a few fantastic ideas for your own.

Company Gifts

Print company bookmarks with a captivating design on one side and all your business info on the other. Use them as a seasonal promotional item to accompany your gifts and cards.

Bookmarks for Prayer and Reflection

Create a treasured gift for your church, synagogue, or temple attendees to use with their prayer and bible study. Put a prayer or religious passage on one side and a calendar of important events on the other.

School Bookmarks

Promote the love for books by giving out bookmarks. Not only are they great motivators for current students, they can also be used as freebies for would-be enrollees.

Coupon Bookmarks

Bookmarks are the perfect size for coupons. Aside from a great design you can add a coupon that recipients can use for discounts and freebies.


2x3.5: 42.95 (200)

2x6: 68.95 (200)

2x7: 72.95 (200)

2x7.5: 72.05 (200)

2x9: 74.95 (200)

2.5x7: 72.95 (200)

We will need to know the following information to create an accurate order:

Design and Intention of Bookmark

Full Color

Front Side, Full Color, Black & White or Grayscale

High Gloss UV, High Gloss UV Front, Un-coated Back, Gloss both sides, Matte both sides or Un-coated both sides

Total Quantity


Here at Reel Reflections Photography and Online Sales, we focus on Window Cling Designs from standard to luxurious in the following sizes: 3x4, 6x9, 9x12, 12x18, 12x24, 16x20, 18x24, & 24x36:

Vinyl Window Clings - Eye-Catching Advertisements

Put your own message and graphics on a window cling for stunning shop window promotions. Seeing an impressive, full-color window cling brings customers into your store. Go big with our large-scale sizes and create high-impact custom window clings to promote your grand opening, sale, special product offer, or trade show stand.

Custom window clings are also perfect for seasonal offers and window decorations that are super-easy to peel-off and take down as needed.

Available in both clear and white vinyl, our window clings are made from a durable 8 mil thick material that can be easily transported to different locations and used again and again. Order them in a wide range of standard window cling sizes that include 3”x 4”, 6”x 9”, 9”x 12”, 12”x 18”, 12”x 24”, 16”x 20”, 18”x 24”, and 24”x 36”. Giant custom sizes are also available using our Instant Custom Calculator.

Please note, Window Cling is recommended for indoor use only.

Your full-color designs, logos, and window artwork are an option, or Reel Reflections can customize it for you at no additional charge. Once you approve of the design, we will create your product. Turnaround time is 5 days.

Window Cling Printing - Features and Benefits


  • Print full-color on one side
  • Available in clear or white 8 mil durable vinyl
  • Easy peel-off vinyl for temporary or portable window promotions
  • Attaches to glass, acrylic, and other non-porous /smooth surfaces
  • Sizes include: 3”x 4”, 6”x 9”, 9”x 12”, 12”x 18”, 12”x 24”, 16”x 20”, 18”x 24”, 24”x 36”


  • Use for branding store fronts, and trade show stand booths
  • Your prints receive 33-point checks to ensure quality and satisfaction
  • Get 5 day turnaround on your window clings
  • Money Back Promise - If you’re not 100% satisfied we reprint or refund your order

What Are the White Ink Options?

The white ink options basically let you to set the transparency of your window clings. You have four options:

  • Make everything transparent
  • Make only the background clear
  • Make white areas clear
  • Follow file settings

By making everything transparent, you’re asking to have the entire design be see-through including text. If your artwork uses small font, this is not the ideal choice as the text becomes hard to read.


By making the background clear, the artwork stays as is while the background becomes see-through. This is the most popular option.


By making white areas clear, the background as well as design elements that are white will become transparent. Everything else will remain as is.

The “follow file settings” option enables you to indicate in your design file what sections are to be transparent. If you need help with this option, feel free to contact us.


Window Cling Marketing Tips 

Top Uses for Window Clings 

Custom window clings are ideal to use in restaurants, retail stores, beauty salons, spas, and other retail locations. They are primarily used as window dressing to promote a company brand, display operating hours, promote products, or display a sales message. Window clings can also be used on large vehicle windows to show your contact and business details.

Window clings are an easy to use business product. Unlike window stickers, they don’t tear upon removal and are really simple to take down and reposition with no sticky glue left on the surface. Window clings can be applied to glass, windows, appliances, and other smooth surfaces.

Window Cling Marketing Tips

Retail stores are rarely without a window cling sign to showcase a particular product or to offer a price reduction to get people in the store. Create large, high-impact window clings and people won’t be able to resist! Here are some examples of window cling messages to attract customers.


Window Clings - Window Decoration 

Have you ever walked past the high-end department stores in New York and London? The way they decorate their windows is phenomenal - so amazingly artistic! This level of window artistry is becoming increasingly popular with smaller stores, too, and can be the difference between someone visiting your store or your competitors next door!

Create a fantastically original window cling design and make people notice your store. This can be tied to a new seasonal collection or to the release of a much wanted product. Make your promotions a really big deal with a head turning window cling decoration.

Custom Window Clings - Seasonal Decoration 

Custom window clings are extra popular during holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. In fact, to not dress up your store on these occasions could single your business out as a “party-pooper.” Holiday times also represent heavy shopping times, so it is advantageous to deck your storefront out in holiday sales messages and graphics.

Window Clings - POP Promotions 

With both clear and white vinyl, you can create point of purchase static clings to go on smooth surfaces, panels, and other places in your store, restaurant, salon, or other place of business. Create a sales offer or push a particular product with a window cling that catches the eye. Window clings are not necessarily just for windows!

Custom Window Clings - Trade-show Promotion 

Custom printed window clings can be used to decorate stands, and add logos and marketing messages. Because they can be put up and taken down easily, they are the ideal portable sign solution for many businesses and vendors who present at trade-shows. Added to panels, smooth walls and other typical stand surfaces, they can add some fantastic “eye-candy” to stand design and promotion.

Window clings not only sell your products to customers, but they also prevent your windows and doors from looking plain and dull! Create head-turning window clings with Reel Reflections today by adding your logos, messages, sales promotions and fabulous decorations.


3x4: 28.95

6x9: 34.95

9x12: 36.95

12x18: 40.95

12x24: 44.95

16x20: 48.95

18x24: 52.95

24x36: 48.95

We will need to know the following information to create an accurate order:

Full Color

Print on clear or white vinyl

Horizontal or Vertical

FONT Choice, with Bold, Narrow & Color choices

Design for a Backside or no Backside

8 MIL Composition

White Ink or Color

Make Everything: Transparent, make only the Background clear, or make white areas clear

Installation will occur Installed Inside, viewed outside or Installed Outside, viewed outside

Seasonal Products are coming soon! Protection Status