We have expanded in providing thousands of quality name brand merchandise that is now available all over the world from the comfort of your own home. We are here for you if you would like our services for events, or would like to order from various products in our online store. We thank you for your business!!

In April of 2006, my wife and I established a passion for Photography & Online/Direct Sales in the area of catching beautiful sunsets and the need for personal photo packages and quality merchandise for all ages in a somewhat financial stricken territory known as Newberry Springs, California to include high end quality products delivered to customers even in isolated regions. People could not afford paying the regular costs associated with a professional photographer’s fee schedule and clothing at reasonable prices. We were known as Lasting Impressions Photography & Online/Direct Sales. We have expanded in providing thousands of quality name brand merchandise that is now available all over the world from the comfort of your own home.

The need for a photographer in the area was urgent especially since the Newberry Elementary School lacked any photographer’s that would even come into the area and would not do the pictures for parent’s at a cost of offering school pictures between the range of 8 dollars to 30 dollars a child. Between the passion for photography and online sales with a want for parents to have cherished photos of their children in their young years, we offered the service at the cost of printing from a home based business outside the back of our home in the middle of nowhere, and many products delivered at a moment's notice. We provided everything a high cost photographer would charge for 8 dollars, and a wide arrange of products for sale even custom branded items made of high quality merchandise. When the pictures and various products were delivered to the school and distributed, imagine young children running to their parent’s with excitement on their face handing over the bi-fold packet of school pictures for that year in custom frames and products to their parents and grandparents. This was clearly priceless.

Our customer base started expanding with a drive up into our backyard room taking pictures at any time 24-7 of people from 2 months old to 90 years old and printing on the spot while my wife and I worked full time jobs elsewhere and five young children in the home at the time. My kids loved to run a family business and be a part of helping setup and take pictures at many of the events. We took pictures of baptisms, birthdays, we were a one group show of working in the extreme heat in a suit and tie and my wife in a dress to say the least. We were the photographer, the videographer, the printer, the greeter while our children under age twelve setup events for weddings and special events.

My family started getting requests from the local school principal to take pictures of owls and their babies in the area for large collages and other products. Our customer base increased for a wide variety of photo opportunities and this increase expanded to all over the high desert.

I was selected to be the Honorary Mayor for Newberry Springs in 2008 and we found ourselves donating time and photography related resources to the community services district for no charge to help the people within the community. The pistachio festival was a big event and we made sure santa was present for a beautiful backdrop, with a tree and lights in the middle of the day, in the middle of the desert outside for children to sit on santa's lap. Snow globes were handed out with a quick print placed in the globe so the children could take it home and dream of what they were going to get for Christmas. On the community side, I even followed the visit up with delivering presents to each and every less fortunate child's home in the community with the local fire and ambulance which took many nights away from my family for a good cause.

Two years had gone by and we realized something horrible. We looked into our picture database to find several elderly people we had taken pictures of passed away. We then found ourselves taking collages of people to funerals for the family to remember their loved ones legacy. My wife and I as well as our family realized every moment with your loved ones can be your last and money was never our drive for photography. You could not even imagine what our tax returns looked like in the red all the time when products exceeded the cost of tangible products in ink, paper, and printers etc, but we made it work.

When my wife and I went to renew our business name “Lasting Impressions Photography” we were a few weeks late, and someone took our name but they never took our customer base.

We have now come back as Reel Reflections Photography & Online Sales stronger than ever. While E-Commerce sites feel we should separate the Photography side from the Online store, we clearly disagree. We offer Photography services from photo to print in many forms and we believe the online store will flourish both bases. Every day, we see photographers taking pictures, offering these pictures from their home through password protect after the customer pays and that is the end of the sale. We can offer that, but with Reel Reflections, you are a customer for life. We believe products from an event should be delivered in person making sure the customer is completely satisfied.

We believe the more comfortable you are on a photo opportunity, the more comfortable you are in ordering something and knowing you will get the product is earned through trust. It is not given. We will earn your trust, and we value your business from the beginning to the end. We count our blessings every day that when we pause for your life’s moments, they will always be remembered. Moments become memories.

We will be offering a blog soon for those who are as passionate as we are for Online/Direct Sales.

We are here for you if you would like our services for events, or would like to order from various products in our online store. We thank you for your business!!